Texas School Counselor of the Year Award Timeline
March 27-April 8Texas SCOY Nomination Link will be opened for nominations.
April 8 All nominees will be emailed with the Texas SOY application link.
April 8 - April 15Texas SCOY application link will be opened. 
April 16 - May 1SCOY Committee will select top 5 finalists.
May 5Top 5 finalists will be notified by email and phone, to complete a 3-5 minute video to submit to the LSSSCA Board.
May 13 - 20Video is due to LSSSCA Board.
May 13 - 20LSSSCA Board selects SCOY to represent Texas at the National Level (ASCA).
May 26 - 30Nominations due to ASCA.
AugustASCA Applications Finalized.
Sept/OctNational Finalists Selected
Oct/NovNational Finalist Face-to-Face Interviews
Nov 7, 2017Texas SCOY Finalists and SCOY will be recognized at the 2nd Annual LSSSCA Conference in Frisco, Texas
Jan 2018National SCOY activities in Washington, DC

School Counselor of the Year Awards

Recognizing that professional school counselors devote their careers to serving as advocates for Texas students and ensuring student success, the Lone Star State School Counselor Association (LSSSCA) School Counselor of the Year (SCOY) Award honors outstanding professional school counselors in Texas.  Through an extensive outreach process, school counselors, teachers, administrators, and others are encouraged to nominate professional school counselors who run exemplary school counseling programs. 

The LSSSCA SCOY candidates complete an extensive application process similar to the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) national awards process. SCOY nominees are judged by a panel of counseling professionals on multiple criteria, including: school counseling innovations, effective school counseling programs, leadership skills and contributions to student advancement. 

Annually one Texas SCOY winner will be chosen by the LSSSCA Board to represent Texas in the ASCA School Counselor of the Year Awards process. To date, Texas has had one national SCOY and one national Top 5 Finalist.  

Texas School Counselor of the Year 
The purpose of the school counselor of the year awards is to recognize school counselors for their outstanding service and achievement.

Eligibility for Consideration
The nominee must be currently employed as a full-time school counselor in a Texas school and have completed three consecutive years of counseling service at the level nominated. The nominee must be a member of LSSSCA (Lone Star State School Counselor Association) and ASCA (American School Counselor Association) by April 12, 2017.

Recognition Criteria
The nominee should maintain the highest standards of personal conduct and recognize that his/her personal conduct is held up to public scrutiny. Nominees strive to be model citizens of their community as well as the school counseling community and their broader professional community. They maintain high moral standards in their personal and professional conduct.

Nominees must have been responsible for school counseling innovations or further development of programs to support the career, social/emotional and academic development of all students. Nominees must demonstrate leadership, advocacy and collaboration in their work and promote equity and access to opportunities and rigorous educational experiences for all students to maximize student achievement.

The nomination form asks for basic contact information.  Your nominee will receive an immediate notification via email and will be asked to complete the on-line application process.